Freddy's Haunts

Freddy's gets a special post, because we really got the royal treatment last night at this haunted attraction in Aliquippa.
Ten dollars brought us many scares! Truly dedicated actors and a friendly crew. They remembered us from last year! The line to wait s totally covered and indoors. Coffee and snacks are on-hand and one can play creepy games after making it through chainsaws, mazes and many other frightening senarios. Ask Miss Nancy in the Children's Department what she thought of the place. I made the mistake of telling the lead ghoul that she had never been to a haunted house before. Perhaps that was not the best idea! The folks from Freddy's have promised to come out for our next show. Mary and I hope to ask them about the haunted attraction business and much more! Stay tuned! And thank you Freddy's for being the best Haunted Attraction in Pittsburgh so far this year!!!!

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